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IPG Group offers a range of solutions for institutions, financial professional and individuals to take charge of asset securitization, including entity asset securitization, credit asset securitization, securities asset securitization, cash asset securitization, and asset-backed securities.。

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Asset-Backed Securitization

ABS is one of the most secure investment vehicles from a credit standpoint. ABS protects you from potentially risky loans, reduces default risks and credit risks.

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Collateralized Insurance Obligations

CIO allow you to cash in your insurance policies to obtain liquidity. Purchased policies are used as underlying assets to package up securities. It is a means of personal financial management.

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Collateralized Loan Obligation

Collateralized loan obligations can be used as a hedge against inflation because they have floating rate loans. CLO generally outperforms other categories of corporate debt.

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Collateralized Debt Obligation

Collateralized debt obligations allow you to transform a relatively illiquid security (a single bond or loan) into a relatively liquid security. You have the flexibility to choose from several combinations of risk and reward.

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Mortgage-Backed Security

Mortgage-backed securities offer an attractive rate of return. Better to hold securities than holding lines of credit and home loans. You can convert your existing mortgage into cash flow to enhance liquidity.

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A Message to Asia Pacific Investors

Markus Jakob, founder of IPG Group, explained that IPG recently made sustainable development investment a new benchmark for investment. IPG Group will enter the Asia Pacific market in 2021, and China will be our regional development target. The eastward shift of global finance has been an unchanging fact, and we believe that Asia will soon lead the global economy.

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”

Markus Jakob

Founder of IPG

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