About Us

IPG Group is an affiliated company of a British venture capital firm with operations in top financial centers in Europe and the United States. In 2021, IPG Group was formally established as an Asia division to take charge of asset securitization, including entity asset securitization, credit asset securitization, securities asset securitization, cash asset securitization, and asset-backed securities.

Regulated By

IPG Group is authorized and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Registered in Australia, registered number 001286195. IPG Group is committed to providing safe and reliable services to global investors in strict compliance with the highest ASIC standards under execution. Under the strict supervision of ASIC, IPG Group is able to segregate the assets and fully guarantee the safety of clients’ funds. At the same time, IPG Group also strictly adheres to the standards in financial statements and information disclosure to ensure the integrity, transparency, and openness of the IPG Group’s operations.


Our Values


We perform duties to our best ability and we devote ourselves to the progress and development of the company.


Integrity is the cornerstone of the group. We are loyal to our customers and abide by the standards of our company.

Mutual Beneficial

We value teamwork and mutually beneficial cooperation. We grow together with our customers.


We never settle for less, we always keep the passion to pursue excellence.

We securitized your assets and future.