Why Choose Us?

With the rapid development of the asset securitization market, IPG Group selects excellent assets with professional examination and analysis and converts them into marketable and circulatable securities through structural restructuring, thus doubling the asset value.

The core values of IPG Group is to provide exceptional services, build a highly professional team and efficient management model, and to use data and technology to drive business and economic development.

“The worldwide economy will be sluggish over the next 10 years, and global economic recovery will pretty much depend on Asia, which is China. With the development of Asia’s economy and the gradual opening up and improvement of China’s financial supervision, China is bound to lead the entire Asia to start a new chapter of the financial system. I believe that China will set off a wave of an unprecedented financial revolution!”

— Markus Jakob/ Founder of IPG Group

China’s the next to dominate Asia’s securitization market?

We established IPG Group in the Asia-Pacific region, and target China as our strategic focus.

  • China has stability and potential growth in its economy.
  • China’s huge market size is conducive to the growth of IPG Group.
  • China has enormous influence over the global economy.

IPG Group will use the advantage of asset securitization to bring some real estate or illiquid assets to life.

We will reassemble the assets into low-threshold, high-growth financial products, and turn the highly concentrated investment market into an inclusive market by targeting a diverse customer base. As the Asia-Pacific market takes off, IPG Group will have big data in hand which lays a solid foundation for IPG Group to be listed on NASDAQ in 2025.

At the same time, IPG Group will also introduce blockchain technology into traditional financial services to achieve decentralized finance and create a brand new trend through Security Token Offerings (STO).