What is IPG Group?2020-12-30T08:43:30+00:00
IPG Group is an affiliated company of a British venture capital firm in Asia. We specialize in the Asia-Pacific asset securitization market.
What is Asset Securitization?2020-12-18T08:20:13+00:00
Asset securitization is the process of transforming illiquid assets with future streams of income into the form of securities after credit enhancement, so as to obtain financing and cash flow.
What services does IPG Group provide?2020-12-18T08:20:58+00:00
We offer asset-backed securities, credit operations, collateralized debt obligations, private equity, hedge fund solutions, and insurance solutions.
How can your services help me?2020-12-18T08:21:35+00:00
Through asset securitization, we can revitalize your illiquid assets and resemble them into low-threshold, high-growth financial products.
Am I applicable for services provided?2020-12-18T08:22:29+00:00
We aim to turn the highly concentrated investment market into an inclusive market by targeting a diverse customer base. Therefore, you are always welcome as our client or our business partner.
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