Decentralized Exchange

IPG Group aspires to build a decentralized exchange to solve the inherent security issues in a centralized exchange for clients. With a decentralized exchange, clients can trade with greater levels of security, transparency and regulatory clarity without affecting the ownership and control of assets.

Security Token Offering

IPG Group uses decentralized technology to tokenize assets, reduce the need for manual settlement through automated operations and the function to calculate asset prices embedded in smart contracts. Besides, security tokenization can simplify the management of clients’ authority and the process of tracking secondary transactions. With a decentralized exchange, IPG will have a smoother process of issuing security token offerings.


IPG Group will implement effective product extension of the existing ABS with decentralized technology to achieve decentralized ABS (DeABS). With physical assets on chain, decentralized asset securitization can greatly improve the transparency and security of the transaction process, and optimize the formation, transfer, and duration of the underlying assets.

Financial Service Platform

Our future prospect is to build a financial product and knowledge service platform for investors based on their age, occupation, education, cultural background, income, risk tolerance, and other comprehensive indicators through the combination of cloud, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. IPG financial multi-dimensional service platform will achieve inclusive finance by shortening the distance between the public and financial products.